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Eyeglass Display
Eyeglass Display

Did you know?
*Replacing your current optician could cost as much as $240k in lost revenue.
*On boarding a new optician could cost as much as $28k
*Lost production can be as much as 60% of cost to hire

Let me help you eliminate the need to incur these costs

Colleague Testimonials

Straight From the Source

I have known Jennifer for 2 years and those 2 yearshave been a knowledgeable experience. Jennifer is very passionate about her career and customer service. I came into Optical Field with no experience and that did not stop Jennifer from helping me to learn by teaching, tutoring, and troubleshooting with me. Jennifer loves new challenges and welcomes them. She is a very happy and self motivated LDO.

Lucretia Butler, LDOA

I've worked alongside of Jennifer for close to 3 years and have found her to be a excellent optician. I am consistently impressed by her ability to fulfil requirements with exceptional fairness and amiable attitude. Her work ethic is unmatched. Her steadfast loyalty to her craft is equally impressive and has allowed her to grow roots in the opticial community that will make her a valuable asset to any organization.  

Clark Lang, Optical Manager

I am more than pleased to recommend Jennifer as an optician to any and all friends, family and colleagues as she is always polite and professional. Her unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction is like none I have seen before. Her shining personality will brighten the day of the coldest of hearts. I have proudly been her patient for years following her from practice to practice. And now, I am one of her apprentices.

Darice Taylor, LDOA

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